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Recently, we finished building a new Ticketing system for Meow Wolf. I was able to help setup the foundations and systems we used including TypeScript, and Unit testing via react-testing-library, integration testing via Cypress, etc...

I also lead front end dev on this until I transitioned into my current role as interactive design manager. It was lots of fun and by using TypeScript we got a lot of stability and ease of maintenance for free.

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Here's a typical example of the types of components that make up the ticketing system in React / TypeScript.

Unit Test

1import React from "react"2import { render } from "react-testing-library"3import Card from "./Card"4
5it("renders a basic card properly", () => {6  const { getByText, getByTestId, container } = render(7    <Card8      title="test title"9      subtitle="test subtitle"10      description="test sentences are good."11    />12  )13
14  const title = getByTestId(`title-${title}`)15  const subtitle = getByTestId(`subtitle-${subTitle}`)16  const description = getByTestId(`description-${description}`)17
18  expect(title).toHaveTextContent("test title")19  expect(subtitle).toHaveTextContent("test subtitle")20  expect(description).toHaveTextContent("test sentences are good.")21})


1import React, { FunctionComponent } from "react"2import "./styles.scss"3
4// Interface5export interface CardProps {6  title?: string7  subtitle?: string8  description?: string9}10
11// Component12const Card: FunctionComponent<CardProps> = (props: CardProps) => {13  const { title, subtitle, description } = props14
15  return (16    <div className="card">17      {title && (18        <h1 className="title" data-testid={`title-${title}`}>19          {title}20        </h1>21      )}22
23      {subtitle && (24        <h2 className="subtitle" data-testid={`subtitle-${subTitle}`}>25          {subtitle}26        </h2>27      )}28
29      {description && (30        <div className="description" data-testid={`description-${description}`}>31          {description}32        </div>33      )}34    </div>35  )36}37
38export default Card

Codebase: React (Next.js), TypeScript, Apollo Graphql, SCSS

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